Our first line of T-shirts consist of custom manufactured Shirts that are cut and sewed to our liking. To spare no expenses we use highly durable polyester/cotton material that allows your shirt to have a long lasting quality, along with top of the line water based screen printing that allows for a comfortable feel and lasting image quality without a rough texture. The Fabric is able to under go multiple washes and dryer loads well into the double digits and still have its color as consistent as a fresh new product. Not only does the color stand firm our nobleisms shirts have a nice weight to them as well as a smooth comfortable relation to your skin that allows breathable comfort to keep you cool when its humid and warm, and also keep you warm when its cool. We strive to bring you comfort in Hawaii's weathers along with beautiful one of a kind art that encompass what it truly means to honor the land and people which makeup who we are as Hawaiians and Kanaka to the Island.